Double Glazed UPVC Windows

What Factors Contribute to the Price of UPVC Windows

prices for double glazingBudget is one of the factors homeowners consider when planning to do home improvement. If you are thinking of enhancing the look of your home by getting some new UPVC windows, you should also look into its cost. You should be aware of their price and the aspects that contribute to it. This will allow you to make smart choices in coming up with your final decision about the kind of window that suits your home design and budget.

Below are just some of the factors that contribute to the price of UPVC windows: but there is more here:

The Colour

There are many colours now available if you are planning to get a window made out of UPVC. You can even choose from different textures like wood grain. While these may not come cheap, the white standard ones could be the least expensive alternative.

Raw Materials

There are various types of raw materials used in making the frames of UPVC windows and they make a huge difference in the price. There are those that are made from virgin vinyl pellets while others are made from recycled vinyl. The windows made from the former are better and much more expensive. The ones made from the latter material may be cheap, but they are definitely of a lesser quality.

Screwed or Welded

Look into how the window you like is held together. If it’s just screwed together, then this is terribly outdated. If you want top rate windows, go for those that are fusion-welded. This is the in thing for window construction nowadays.

Thick or Not

The quality and strength of your window will also depend on the thickness of the UPVC frame and this has a huge effect on its price as well. You must ask about a UPVC’s gauge before you decide on getting a certain window. If the seller is unable to answer your question or he tells you that it does not matter, then you need to run from there and find another supplier.

Double or Triple Glazing

The glass that comes with a UPVC window frame also matters in the cost. You have to know about this because there are now laws that require a certain standard for the glazing of your windows.

If you are looking for safe windows that could help you conserve energy, you should go either for double or triple glazing. Double glazing means there are two panes of glass that make up your window and it will have some kind of air in between that helps in keeping the heat in during winter and out during summer. Triple glazing means having three panes of glass and this naturally costs more.

These are just among the basic factors you need to consider in getting your home some UPVC windows. You also need to think about their installation and decide whether you will do it yourself or you will have a professional do it for you.