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Maggie O'Sullivan


Maggie O'Sullivan:
A selection of Visual Work
(1972 - 1995)

Antony Cook (1936 - 2005) : In Memoriam
Selected Paintings, Mixed Media Sculpture and Works on Paper (1970 - 2003)



July 2012: Nine of Maggie O'Sullivan's books and pamphlets are now available
in colour facsimile on the Eclipse website. The books are:

Concerning Spheres, 1982
An Incomplete Natural History, 1984
Un-Assuming Personas, 1985
A Natural History in 3 Incomplete Parts, 1985
From the Handbook of That & Furriery, 1986
Divisions of Labour, 1986
States of Emergency, 1987
Unofficial Word, 1988

as well as

eXcLa (1993, written in collaboration with Bruce Andrews).

The first eight titles are also available in black and white facsimile in Maggie's
book Body of Work (Reality Street, 2006).



Reality Street, 2012

[Cover of WATERFALLS by Maggie O'Sullivan]

Click here for information about the earlier, limited edition of WATERFALLS,
published by etruscan books, and now out of print.

Click here for a page of Notes and Resources for her/story:eye,
the poetic project comprising WATERFALLS and red shifts.



Veer Books, 2011

[Cover of murmur by Maggie O'Sullivan]



The Salt Companion to Maggie O'Sullivan
Salt Publishing, 2011

[Cover of The Salt Companion to Maggie O'Sullivan]



Veer Books, 2009

[Cover of ALTO by Maggie O'Sullivan]



Body of Work
Reality Street Editions, 2006

[Cover of BODY OF WORK by Maggie O'Sullivan]



[Bob Cobbing and Maggie O'Sullivan, London, 9th September 1985]

Bob Cobbing and Maggie O'Sullivan reading from A Natural History in
3 Incomplete Parts
at the London Musicians Collective, 9th September 1985.


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